PayPal’s International Policy on Gambling

Last updated: June 17, 2021

PayPal’s general policy on gambling worldwide allows only approved merchants in jurisdictions where gambling is legal to use their payment solutions.

Here is an excerpt from the PayPal page relating to online gambling:

PayPal allows approved gambling merchants to use our service in certain jurisdictions where gambling activities are legal. To be approved by PayPal, merchants must demonstrate to PayPal’s satisfaction that they have the ability to block gambling activities for account holders in the US and any jurisdiction where gambling activities may be illegal.

PayPal Policy Differences for Gambling Transactions

  • UK: PayPal OK, Cannot use linked credit cards to gamble

  • GERMANY: Cannot use PayPal to make iGaming Payments

  • US: Cannot use PayPal Accept in Pennsylvania, Nevada, Delaware, NJ

  • CANADA: Does not allow direct deposits and withdrawals using PayPal

  • SOUTH AFRICA: PayPal available only to legally licensed operators in South Africa

  • AUSTRALIA: The use of PP for gambling is legal and a great option in Australia

  • NEW ZEALAND: Legal to use in New Zealand is a great option for gamblers in NZ

  • HONG KONG: Gambling not legal in HK; therefore, the use of PP in restricted