UK PayPal Casino Bonuses

Last updated: June 17, 2021

It is not uncommon for some casinos to offer additional bonuses and incentives for making casino deposits using a specific payment method. Some online gambling places may offer this kind of encouragement as part of their bonus package. E-Wallets such a Skrill and Neteller receive a significant proportion of their business from the online gambling industry. It makes sense, therefore, that bonuses for using these payment solutions to be more abundant. Besides, from an operator’s standpoint, some payment methods come with higher costs. PayPal is one such example. For this reason alone, it is rare to find a casino bonus or incentive for players using PayPal.

Some payment systems, such as Skrill, offer their own bonuses and VIP reward programs. You can receive these directly from the payment system website, in addition to specific casino bonuses. It is also worth pointing out that it is generally not easy to find casino bonuses for using a particular payment method. For example, a Google search for "casino bonuses for using PayPal" will return you pages of sites promoting casinos that accept PayPal, but very little about casinos that offer bonuses for using PayPal.