Gambling Limits and Fees Using PayPal in the UK

Last updated: June 18, 2021

You will not be charged fees by PayPal for making casino deposits or withdrawals in the United Kingdom with a personal account. However, some British gambling platforms and operators may make a charge since they do incur costs when players use PayPal to deposit and withdraw funds in UK. Unfortunately, some online companies will pass these costs onto the player. Much more common is the practice of setting minimum and maximum limits for deposits and withdrawals.

In fact, just about all online gambling establishments online will set a minimum limit for a deposit and a maximum (daily, weekly, monthly or annual limit) for a withdrawal. Typically, the standard amount tends to be £10 minimum deposit and £10,000 maximum withdrawal. These figures are, of course, only guidelines, and again, you should always read the terms and conditions before opening a gambling account to avoid surprises and disappointment.

Understanding the terms and conditions of casino transactions is more critical for high-rollers and players who play micro amounts because they are more affected.