About Us

Last updated: June 17, 2021

Our small but brilliant team of web professionals and gambling enthusiasts created this PayPal Casinos guide to help real money players find the latest, safest and best online casinos that accept PayPal in the UK. During our many years of combined experience working in the gambling industry, we learnt a thing or two about what players want and need.

With several successful gambling-related websites behind us, it became clear that several trends were emerging from the online industry that we couldn’t ignore. Like, for instance, players looking for the best place to play online casino games feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. Typically, players would search only for online venues that accepted the banking method they wanted to use, which more often than not was the e-wallet they already had, PayPal. What’s more, casino searches predominantly focus on one of three personal preferences. These were NEW casinos (to find the best free casino bonuses), SAFE casinos (big brands with a track record and legitimate licences) and the BEST online casinos (as rated by experts and players).

Putting this all together, we saw a unique need for an online website with tools to help players quickly find the most suitable online casino options available to UK players that accept PayPal to bankroll and manage casino deposits and withdrawals. Beyond just merely providing casino lists, we wanted to employ the expertise we gained on other gambling projects to provide the tools and information necessary to help players conduct fast and easy searches based on their preferences.

Our Mission

To provide sophisticated tools and insightful information to help players find the latest, safest and best online casino sites that accept PayPal in the UK.

The PayPal casino guide is the result of this endeavour, but this is just a starting point. Our knowledgeable and dynamic team aspire to push forward from here to introduce many more safe and legitimate PayPal casinos available to players in Great Britain and the United Kingdom. Along the way, we will also develop our system to provide more sophisticated search tools to facilitate a faster and more convenient search process. We will support this effort by creating insightful content to help new players decide whether PayPal is the right personal option for adding and withdrawing funds from a casino account.

“Gambling is not about how well you play the games, it’s really about how well you handle your money.” — V. P. Pappy, Poker Pro

When it comes to profiting from casino games, or getting maximum enjoyment without losing too much, whichever way you want to look at it, there are no truer words spoken than that by poker pro VP Pappy. Quite simply, it is not always about how well you play and how much luck you get; it’s about how well you handle your money too. This starts with choosing the right payment methods to efficiently bankroll and manage your gambling budget. As many real money players that visit this site already know, PayPal is an excellent choice of e-wallet to help you do just that and free up more time to play the casino games you love to play.